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Paranormal Activity at Bethel Church Redding California -- Like a Box of Chocolates

Jason Stovall

Angel Feathers, Demons and Gold Dust sightings are some of the claimed happenings with this mega church. Shaking some orthodox religions core beliefs and causing a disturbing ripple effect among traditionalists.

Thousands are flocking to Bethel Church in Redding California. What's all of the excitement about ? One man claims he's seen feathers fall in the air within the intense electrifying worship atmosphere. True or otherwise, Bethel Church is a big drawing card for Northern California businesses and is also helping fight the current recession in this community.

Bethel Church keeps growing at this kind of phenomenal rate they leased the convention center from your City of Redding to help meet the growing demand. Masses of individuals are traveling all parts of the world to become point about this strange and bizarre unorthodox religious movement. At worship services it is not uncommon to get visitors from over 30 countries at this growing mega church.

While some churches are dwindling in numbers in lots of places of the nation and areas of the planet this religious organization is purchasing and leasing more buildings to handle flux of staggering numbers of growth.

Gold Dust is apparently a common sighting. Manifestations from the thin air in the swirl or cloud hover over the congregation from time to time. Some report that they have seen feathers falling and gold dust mysteriously can be found in their complexion and the palm of the hands.

Claimed healings are rampant and unpredictable, said one person, few people gets their healing but they leave changed for your better... not just one service is the same here. The pre-service ahead of the main worship service alone can be quite unsettling for some if not acquainted with this style or form of worship while visiting Bethel Church in Redding California. What I am talking about, said one of the now permanent visitors, is be prepared for outbursts of laughing, weeping as well as other strange sightings. Let's just say it is like the Forrest Gump movie ... it's just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are acquiring.

Paranormal activity, angels, demons, pixie dust, healings and crazy sightings are claimed activities only at that growing mega church. Let's be honest here, not everything you see happening is always of God or will the leadership indorse, said a lasting member. In this kind of atmosphere and culture you're leaving the entranceway wide open for those who get their ideology, belief and theology as to what and just how they express themselves in church. Many people do claim experiences that are at night scope or selection of traditional churches, in either words, lots of things are happening who have zero scientific logic behind why or how.

Is Bethel Church a Cult or even a real move of God? Depends on which camp you're from and how you were raised in the particular belief. What do you want to tolerate or deem just as real and authentic?

Local pastors have mixed emotions in terms of how to get a stand with Bethel Church in Redding CA. Some report that Bethel Church has cultish connotations and has no solid biblical foundation or real lasting true spiritual growth. Others are taking a neutral position and letting time reveal things. Other pastors are aligning with Bethel Church in Redding California, claiming it is of God along with a blessing towards the north state.

Final point here is that there are no doubt that so called movement from God is assisting the area economy in Redding California. Redding companies are seeing the positive results from all of this so called spiritual feeding frenzy. Masses are flying in from around the globe to experience this "Supernatural Movement of God" .

Jason Stovall

Jason Stovall